The Inaugural Craft Beer Festival at the Old Joliet Prison
October 10, 2020

SAVE THE DATE:  October 10, 2020

We’re building up something big.  All to raise funds for a historic site.

Drink in the Clink is a 200-plus craft beer festival to benefit the further restoration and enhancement of the Old Joliet Prison.  For you, whether you are a craft beer aficionado or you just like beer, it’s a chance to not only enjoy some amazing beverages, but also step onto the prison yard and see some of the buildings at Old Joliet Prison.  This includes walking through the same gate that Joliet Jake walked out in The Blues Brothers.

As we get closer to the event, we will provide more event information.  But, for not, make sure to fill out this Google Form to be notified when tickets go on sale for this monumental event. 

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