During The Great Joliet Prison Break-In, you’ll want to make sure to visit the “Beyond the Cell Door” Art Showcase. These artists are known as the Old Joliet Prison Burnt District Artists, which was started by Quinn Adamowski and Sue Regis.

10-12 of these artists will be showcasing a variety of small to large art pieces created using materials extracted from the Burnt District. The pieces will be on full showcase, with artists present as well.

The Old Joliet Prison Burnt District Artists are:

  • Jeff Benedick
  • Dante DiBartolo
  • Dave Wheeler
  • Eryn Blaser
  • Erik Ohrn
  • Larry Ciesla
  • Christine Nordstrom
  • Terry Eastham
  • Angelica Aguilar
  • Ruben Calderon
  • Jeff Conrad
  • Tony Uzzardo

You can get more information at the Artists’ Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/burntdistrictprisonartists/ 

The Showcase will take place during the event hours, so make sure to get your tickets to The Great Joliet Prison Break-In before you get “locked out.”